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I worked with Pam for several years at Thomson. I found her to be hard working and easy to communicate with. Although we may disagree on somethings, I will be voting for her. I know she will take on the tasks that need to be addressed with energy and passion. — Steven Anderson

I am a homeowner and landlord of a multi-unit house in St. Paul. Pam is a dedicated candidate for City Council Ward 5. Her commitment to being nonpartisan and representing all residents is commendable. St. Paul Homeowner and Landlord — Deanna Donnelly

I have known Pam Tollefson for decades. She is upfront and driven by her care and concern for Saint Paul. She will be a great council member advocating for less crime and safety for all. — Blacktop Driveway Co
Sales Director

Pam has been a life long resident of Saint Paul and understands the changes and challenges that Saint Paul has seen over the years. Due to her strong roots as a life long resident she is vested and understands the needs of various neighborhoods within Ward 5. — Jamie Hendricks

I have known Pam Tollefson for over 20 years.  She cares and has always wanted to help people live a healthy and safe life.  She has strong roots in Saint Paul and she is a good person to be the next city council person for Ward 5. — Real Estate Parkway, LLC

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