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My name is Pam Tollefson and I am a lifelong resident of Saint Paul.  Growing up, I watched my mom advocate for causes she was passionate about.  She taught me that change is possible, and that every individual has the power to make a difference. 

Several years ago, I was a member of a committee responsible for allocating funds for youth.  I believe that investing in the future of our young people is one of the most important things we can do as a community.      

I received my college degree in Paralegal Studies and used this education in my career at Thomson Reuters.  During my employment, I was a legal editor that worked on several states' rules and regulations.  This work provided valuable experience and insights that can be applied to City Council's responsibilities and gives me a solid understanding of the legal framework that governs local government.  

I decided to run for office because I have lived in this community my whole life and I love it here.  I know other people love it here also, but many have moved or are thinking of moving.  Many don't feel safe in their neighborhood; they don't think their taxes are being properly prioritized, paying for necessities like road maintenance before spending on big projects; and, they don't think their elected officials are listening to them.  

As a nonpartisan candidate, I am committed to serve the community's best interests without aligning myself with a specific political party or group.  By positioning myself in the center, I will focus on the specific needs of Ward 5 and the city and work towards practical and inclusive policies that benefit everyone.

I am a voice of maturity, experience and inclusion.  I see the big picture for homeowners, renters, landlords, and all stakeholders in Saint Paul.

Ward 5 includes the East Side, Rice Street, North End, and Como areas.  In this area, there are similarities and there are differences. 

Not all residents are concerned about the same issues, and that's why, as a council member, I will work together with others to address the various needs of everyone.  I will collaborate and engage among residents, community organizations, and local government to bring people together.  

Please vote for me this election. 



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